Young Professional Weekend 2024!

april 2024 . By Casper
Young Professional Weekend 2024!

Written By: Uschi Bessems & Jari Dekker

After two successful editions of the Young Professional Weekend, Marjolein, Tara, and Uschi had the privilege to shape the third edition to our liking this year. The Young Professional weekend was initiated three years ago to give the young team at newITera the opportunity to get to know each other better post-COVID crisis. After hopping from one lockdown to another for two years and mainly staying at home with a runny nose, it was about time to meet in person. There’s no better way to do that than a weekend getaway. The COVID crisis is long behind us, but the weekend getaway remains a staple.


So, what do you do on such a weekend? The program is quite simple. Friday features a walk-in with dinner and a game night. On Saturday, there’s an activity followed by a barbecue (with a special guest). On Sunday, we all have breakfast together before heading back home.

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A Warm Welcome

The first evening, we enjoyed a delicious meal prepared by the local kitchen, including pizzas, ‘kapsalons’, and lamb chops, which made for the perfect start to the evening. We were also introduced to the ‘Casualty List,’ a list where broken items could be added, but by the end of the weekend, it had more colleagues on it than items…

After dinner, it was time for the first activity, which required some preparation from the colleagues, namely submitting personal answers to five questions previously devised by the organization. You can see where this is going. We had to guess which colleague we would link to each answer, leading to great hilarity and some (very) surprising discoveries.

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Team Spirit in the Treetops

Saturday began with a hearty breakfast of bacon and eggs, while the early birds among us went for a run, setting the tone of vitality for the day. Later that morning, under the banner of teambuilding and vitality, we showed our courage at a local climbing park in Ewijk, where we tested ourselves at various heights, and some even dared to make a free-fall jump.

The evening was filled with a delightful barbecue, catered by our own grill-master Luuk, who was still allowed to be present as he still feels mentally like a Young Professional 😉. The ‘guess the colleague to the right answer’ game concluded with even more surprising answers and lots of laughter while the Prosecco and gin and tonics flowed freely. Thanks to the presence of our special guests, Jan & Margret, it was an evening to remember.

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A Weekend to Remember

Sunday morning was time for a quick breakfast before packing up. Tired, yet satisfied and ready for a new work week, we all arrived home safely. The weekend is a gift and a token of appreciation for the young team.

To close with the words of Jan Krosenbrink: “There are colleagues who have been working together for 30 years and have stories like these too. I wish that for you all.”

Our Young Professional Luuk ⬇️