AI Proposition: Integrating AI in Business Processes

mei 2024 . By Casper
AI Proposition: Integrating AI in Business Processes

Written By: Casper van Hardeveld

Back in October 2023, I took the initiative to propose integrating AI into our processes at newITera. As a SAP Finance Consultant, I saw vast potential in leveraging AI to enhance both our internal workflows and the services we offer to our clients. Fortunately, the management was equally enthusiastic about exploring these possibilities, giving me the green light to launch the proposition.

The Team Dynamics

Joining me in this ambitious project are Jelle Nijkamp and, more recently, Thijs Bruggeman. Jelle, with his keen insights into technological applications, focuses on researching external use cases that could benefit our clients. Thijs, who recently graduated on Strategic Innovation Management, contributes by bringing fresh perspectives to the table regarding the cultural en organizational barriers that AI initiatives face, elements that are equally important for succesfully integrating AI.

Our Current Projects and Progress

One of our significant undertakings is the setup of an internal SAP S/4HANA system designed to test and develop AI use cases directly. This system allows us to experiment safely and effectively, ensuring any AI solutions we develop are robust and client-ready.

Parallel to this, we are enhancing our internal capabilities by integrating AI tools across our operations. We have begun offering ChatGPT Plus accounts to employees, providing them with access to advanced AI functionalities. This not only boosts our team’s efficiency but also familiarizes them with AI’s potential and limitations, promoting responsible usage across the board.

Moreover, we are in the process of developing an AI-driven chatbot that integrates seamlessly with our SharePoint environment. This chatbot aims to facilitate faster research and retrieval of documentation, significantly speeding up project workflows and reducing the time our employees spend on routine information searches.

Looking Ahead

The journey of integrating AI into our processes at newITera is just beginning. With each step forward, we learn and adapt, ensuring that our approach remains innovative and client-focused. Our AI proposition team is not just about exploring new technologies but about creating a sustainable, efficient future for both our company and our clients.

As we continue to explore and integrate AI solutions at newITera, our focus remains steadfast on enhancing operational efficiency and client satisfaction. With a dedicated team, a clear vision, and robust technologies, we are excited about the future possibilities these AI initiatives hold. Stay tuned as we advance further into this journey, continually pushing the boundaries of what we can achieve with AI in the IT landscape.