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SAS Consultant

Are you a SAS wizard itching to disrupt the status quo? Join our gang of data disruptors at newITera and unleash your skills on projects that defy convention. We’re not just using data; we’re making it roar. Dare to be different? Challenge Accepted. Your newITera adventure starts now! 🚀💥

About the Job

We’re on the lookout for a SAS Consultant to join the newITera revolution. In this role, you’ll be the maestro orchestrating complex data solutions, turning raw numbers into compelling stories. Your SAS skills will be pivotal in transforming our clients’ data into actionable insights, helping them to make smarter, data-driven decisions.

SAS is your playground, and you’re always on top of the latest trends and techniques. This role involves everything from in-depth data analysis to crafting innovative strategies that leverage the full power of SAS tools.

We welcome candidates from all experience levels to our office, where you’ll be instrumental in driving the future growth of our team and department.

Your Day-to-Day

1. Lead and Execute SAS-based Projects: “Be the SAS superhero who swoops in to save the day, transforming client chaos into data-driven masterpieces, all while juggling deadlines and budgets like a circus star!”

2. Develop and Implement Strategies: “Put on your data detective hat and devise cunning strategies that make numbers spill their secrets faster than a gossip in a soap opera.”

3. Foster Client Relationships: “Charm the socks off clients with your dazzling service, ensuring they’re as happy as a kid in a candy store throughout our data adventures.”

4. Measure, Analyze, and Report Outcomes: “Play with the coolest tools and methods to turn data puzzles into ‘Aha!’ moments, like a wizard waving a magic wand over spreadsheets.”

5. Create Post-Project Reports: “Craft tales of our data conquests in reports so engaging, they could be bedtime stories for number-crunchers.”

6. Explore New Business Opportunities: “Embark on thrilling quests for new opportunities, pairing up with clients to find the hidden treasure troves of business potential.”


This role is an ideal fit for those looking to forge a long-term career in data analysis and consulting, where the chance to work on a myriad of projects and challenges awaits. You’re the ambitious and motivated type, flourishing in a fast-paced environment. With a solid foundation in SAS and data analysis, you bring at least 3 years of experience in SAS consulting or a related field. Your academic background likely includes a Bachelor’s or university degree in a field like computer science, statistics, mathematics, or you’ve gained equivalent work experience. Your knowledge of SAS tools, data analysis techniques, and industry best practices is up-to-date and sharp.

Your passion for data analysis is more than just a job – it’s about shaping impactful business decisions. You’re adept at juggling multiple projects simultaneously, always prioritizing effectively, even under pressure. Communication is one of your strengths, especially in English, and if you speak another language, that’s a big plus. You’re known for being proactive, driven, and ambitious, with a proven track record of delivering results. Creative problem-solving? That’s your forte, along with thinking outside the box. And importantly, you’re a team player, committed to resolving conflicts, valuing diversity, and fostering a collaborative team environment.

Company Description

newITera is a cutting-edge IT consultancy known for its innovative approach to data solutions. We’re not just consultants; we’re pioneers in the field, constantly pushing boundaries to deliver unparalleled results for our clients. Our core sectors include data analytics, business intelligence, and bespoke IT solutions.

Our clients range from emerging startups to established global enterprises, all seeking our expertise to drive their data initiatives forward.

💡 Innovative

🔥 Passionate

🌐 Global Perspective

🤝 Teamwork

The Good Stuff

1. Tech at Your Fingertips: Enjoy the freedom to choose your own gadgets with a generous budget for ordering a phone and laptop of your choice. Stay connected and productive with the tools that work best for you.

2. Get Around Your Way: Whether you’re a car enthusiast or prefer more sustainable options, we’ve got you covered with a flexible car or mobility budget. Cruise in style or zip around green – the choice is yours.

3. Competitive Salary Package: We offer a salary that reflects your skills and experience, ensuring you feel valued and motivated.

4. Working from Home or in the Office: Enjoy the flexibility to work where you’re most productive, whether that’s from the comfort of your home or in our dynamic office environment.

5. Generous Annual Leave: Recharge with our generous leave policy, plus enjoy an extra day off for your birthday.

6. Continuous Learning and Growth: Elevate your career with ongoing training and development opportunities.


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