Sitness 2020

Because sitting down is the new smoking.

On average, we spend a staggering 7even and half hours sitting down a day. Causing slow metabolism, increasing fatigue and hart- & vascular diseases.

At newITera we know all about sitting down.... (work related of course;-)

Whether it is sitting down, driving towards our clients or time spend siting down at the offices, helps us, in a creative way, to break a bad habit. To actually stand up against sitting down. And who better that the people who, in most cases, are forced to sit down for the rest of their lives, to help us realize this?

"Our" Xena Wimmenhoeve is already helping us to take notice. Xena is, as a member of the Dutch national wheelchair basketball team, doing everything to win the ultimate price this summer, Paralympic Gold

So how can we keep sitting down?

We are all in, we stand up against sitting down.

Take a stand against sitting down.

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