Because the chain is only as strong as the weakest link.

Optimizing logistics processes. That's what Supply Chain Management is all about. Of great importance, because good logistics prevent unnecessary risks, lead to faster delivery and optimum stock and maintenance costs. It minimizes downtime and maximizes operating results.

newITera has all the knowledge and expertise to optimize the logistics flows in your organization. We operate independently of the platform and provide end-to-end solutions. From the purchasing process and the delivery of raw materials (supply logistics) through production to the distribution of the end product to the end user.

Platform independent

At NewITera we know how important knowledge and insight are in production and logistics processes. Our supply chain specialists work daily on the best solutions for the most diverse logistical questions. They look for the best solution for your organization, regardless of which software you use. At the same time, they take care of the maintenance of your systems and processes and of the necessary knowledge transfer and assurance within your organization. The more knowledge in your systems, the more knowledge in your organization, provided it is properly secured.

Process driven

Which processes need to be changed or optimized? Where does it get stuck in your supply chain process? Do you use the system that best suits your organization? Is the system well set up? Is the system working properly? Is your organization ready for Industrie 4.0?

newITera asks questions, identifies problems and challenges and then resolves them by devising the optimum supply chain processes at business level and organizing them together with our client. In short, finding the best supply chain solutions.

Finding the best supply chain solutions.
That is what we do. That is what we stand for.