The experience of our staff is largely gained in the field of SAP. This experience is gained during intensive consultancy services at large national and multinational organizations.

Development and Integration

One expertise is no longer enough
In recent years, the work of a development consultant often was limited to adding or changing functionality into a SAP system that uses a regular database. Due to developments in the market and in the SAP system, which are taking place at a rapid pace in recent years, this is no longer sufficient.

Until recently the strategy used to be to bring all functionality in a limited number of SAP systems. Currently SAP customers often choose for a best-or-wide solution and it is therefore important that such a solution works together in a seamlessly way with the current SAP systems. Usually, the new solution is operating within the existing system landscape, but customers also increasingly use solutions that are operated in a Cloud environment.  SAP itself also has chosen to offer their applications from a cloud environment, creating a system landscape of the average customer that now exists of a mix of on premise and cloud solutions.

In order to meet the developments in the market in which the amount of data to be processed by IT systems is increasing with a considerable percentage every year, SAP has introduced their own in-memory database HANA to the market. Partly due to the substantial investments that SAP has done, the possibilities of this database, or rather this platform, have increased enormously. Newitera has been involved from the beginning in these developments and has built up a vast amount of knowledge in this field.

Finally SAP applied a new User Experience strategy for its systems. The main exponent of this strategy is Fiori: all new applications are developed in accordance with these principles and much of the existing functionality is now also available via Fiori applications. To develop Fiori applications, in addition to the traditional ABAP skills it also requires knowledge of SAP Gateway and SAPUI5.

In short, for adapting or adding functionality in a modern SAP landscape development consultants must have many skills. The Newitera consultants have these skills!

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