The experience of our staff is largely gained in the field of SAP. This experience is gained during intensive consultancy services at large national and multinational organizations.

CRM Solutions

CRM supports you in helping your customers and helps you to understand how important they are to you. A variety of services are offered in the areas of CRM:

  • CRM consulting and implementation;
  • SAP CRM implementation and upgrades in the areas of Sales, Marketing, Service, and Interaction Center e-Commerce;
  • Integration with SAP CRM, SAP ERP, SAP BI, CTI, Business Communication Management(BCM)and Adobe Interactive Forms;
  • SAP CRM training.


We fulfill roles in the areas of Project Management, Consultancy and Development and cover the entire spectrum for an implementation of CRM. There is a high level of experience of our staff with great attention to training and development of personal skills. We also hold an administrative function within the VNSG Focus Group CRM. Special attention is paid to:

  • The contact with your customer

How friendly and effective is your support desk? Avoid “negative snowballing”;

  • Control your sales with up-to-date information

Not only order information, but also information that he can help the customer really;

  • How to create and manage my sales funnel

Develop appropriate campaigns based on historical and current market experience.

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