The experience of our staff is largely gained in the field of SAP. This experience is gained during intensive consultancy services at large national and multinational organizations.

Business Intelligence Solutions

Changing circumstances lead to changing demands
In this time of rapid change, a turbulent and unpredictable economy, the use of a Business Information system, which provides you with tools to create reports and analyzes, is no longer sufficient. Modern Business Information Platforms, better known as “Enterprise Performance Management Systems” make their data available via “Visual dashboards,” planning and budget solutions, scorecards, event monitoring, efficient in-memory OLAP engines for data analysis, advanced reporting capabilities, mobile data access, workflow components, and much more!

In brief; Business Intelligence is a process that the organization, regardless of the size of the organization, supports the collection and processing of data, it makes it possible to take decisions based on real facts in this turbulent world. The Business Intelligence approach works because it integrates business processes with customer perspectives and prospects for a solution to qualify all business values ​​and not just the financial values.

What are the BI Services that Newitera can offer you?

  1. 1. Managed Services
    An unique, fully managed and hosted solution, which enables us to deliver business intelligence from the Cloud. You do not need to pay high amounts in advance or manage any hardware or software. In this way we can help you quickly and provides your organization with quick results.
  1. 2. Customer-specific solutions
    A custom made intelligence solution, which allows the business to meet its objectives quickly. If you choose to install and maintain your own IT service, we can offer support to you and provide the intelligence solution that fits the needs of your organization.
  1. 3.  Information Assessment
    Based on many years of experience Newitera has designed the service to help you analyze your information. On this basis we are able to give an advice for immediate improvements that will make your information more clearly and/or provide it faster. We also provide an overview on what the consequences might be for your organization.
  1. 4. “Rapid” BI
    Here we use the latest in-memory technology in order to be able to react as quickly as possible on the changing landscape around you. For example, we help you prototype your long-term needs regarding your intelligence solutions.
  1. 5. Mobile BIMobile Business Intelligence solutions, which combine ease of use with networking and workflow, providing you a secure access to your business information “anywhere and anytime”.
  1. 6. Information PortalIntegrated Business Intelligence solutions managed on-premises, which combine management scorecards, operational dashboards, reporting, and integrated workflows with “alerts”, offering you a single “Hub” for all your Intelligence.

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