Because nobody can do everything themselves.

One thing is certain. Everything is subject to change. Always and everywhere. That applies to every organization. Certainly those organizations that are involved in the transition to or within the digital world of today.

The helping hand

Organizations must be able to respond quickly to changes in order to continue and expand their success. In the event of major changes and complex issues, it is not always possible to resolve this internally. Then it is good to look for missing knowledge or expertise from outside. NewITera is your ideal partner by deploying our experienced and driven consultants.


Om organisaties goed te kunnen adviseren en te begeleiden in verandertrajecten is – naast hoogstaande kennis van bedrijfsprocessen – kennis van IT onontbeerlijk. newITera heeft beide in huis. Mede daarom kiezen steeds meer organisaties voor newITera Management Consultancy.

Look forward by learning from the past

Is there no constant factor in this story? Certainly, our drive to help organizations move forward, to continue your success and to further expand it. By identifying, understanding, tackling and solving challenges, the dynamics within your organization improve. How do we do that? Our people are very experienced, driven, sometimes a little stubborn, but always solution and result oriented.

Program management

Because the entire armada must sail the right course.

For (complex) change processes, where several change processes are running simultaneously, a newITera program manager is a welcome (temporary) addition.


Create added value immediately.

Iemand die zich in korte tijd verdiept in de organisatie en de projecten en het proces in zijn geheel overziet. Iemand die zorgt voor een frisse blik en de samenhang tussen de projecten, die de voortgang nauwkeurig bewaakt, altijd met één oog naar het einddoel kijkt en ervoor zorgt dat alle einddoelen worden behaald.

Listening is the beginning of understanding.

A newITera program manager listens, makes an inventory, asks the right questions, analyzes, plans and implements. He gives advice, solicited and unsolicited. Always with the aim of making the change process run as smoothly as possible and ultimately to increase efficiency within the organization.

We draw up a thorough (change) strategy. We ensure that the changes are broadly supported, so that they form a solid basis for the future of your organization and that the formulated goals are achieved.

Get with the program and stick to it

Management Consultancy

Let us work on your project, so that the project will work for you.
zodat het project voor jou gaat werken.

The work involved in a change process is often difficult to fit into the daily processes of an organization and its people.

Initiating, planning, implementing and monitoring such a project requires a lot of time, attention and expertise. Our project managers are proactive and look ahead. They are of course familiar with the most common methodologies, such as Agile SCRUM, Waterfall, Lean, PMI or Prince II. They like to look beyond the limits of their assignment.

Een project staat nooit op zichzelf, maar is altijd onderdeel van een veranderproces, hoe groot of klein dat ook kan zijn. Door te kiezen voor een ervaren project manager van newITera kun je veel tijd, energie en kosten besparen. Laat dat werk maar aan ons over, dan kunnen jouw vaste krachten hun focus houden op hun eigen aandeel in het succes van jullie organisatie. Zo zorgen we samen voor een succesvolle implementatie van het project, waarin de gestelde doelen worden behaald, zonder dat de kernactiviteiten daaronder hoeven te lijden.

How wil newITera help your organization with Project Management?
The answer is just one e-mail away.

"Today is your opportunity to build the tomorrow you want."

- Ken Poirot

"Never start a business just to make money, Start a business to make a difference."

"A person who feels appreciated will always do more than what is expected."

Interim Management

The right people in the right place at the right time.

Structural changes within an organization are often radical and demand a lot from your employees and management.



Het is niet vanzelfsprekend dat de organisatie alle benodigde kennis, knowhow, mankracht en inzichten voor een verandering zelf in huis heeft. Een ervaren interim manager kan bij een transitiefase, crisissituatie of veranderproces tijdelijk aan de organisatie worden toegevoegd om deze te begeleiden voor, tijdens en na dat proces. newITera heeft interim managers beschikbaar voor de meest uiteenlopende opdrachten, vanuit business en/of IT perspectief. Of het nu gaat om change management, het begeleiden van een project of een tijdelijke vervanging van een vaste medewerker, onze daadkrachtige en toegewijde professionals helpen je graag. Samen zorgen we ervoor dat dit tijdelijk leiderschap een positief effect oplevert voor de situatie en de organisatie.


Our flexible and solution-oriented interim managers can work with virtually all interim work at management and project level. They have leadership, charisma, decisiveness and creativity. In addition, they are analytically strong and always keep their sights on the ultimate goal.

Getting the job done.

Change management

Because progress without change is impossible.

You don't want to work with the insights of yesterday today, but you can't work with the technology of tomorrow either.
How do you best deal with changes in objectives, processes and technologies within your organization? How do you implement the right strategies to bring about change, to make it manageable and to maintain it? How do you help the people in your organization to adapt to the changes? An appropriate answer to these questions ensures that a change process runs efficiently and effectively. In addition, a correct approach to change management has a positive impact on acceptance by all involved and thus increases the chances of success of the change.


What can your organization expect from change management by a newITera professional?
Our people think outside the box, are sharply analytical, relationship-driven and strong in communication. They succeed in having everyone involved communicate and collaborate in an open and constructive manner. They manage expectations, quickly expose any pain points, are of course keen on progress and ensure pleasant and correct supervision of the entire change process.


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