On cloud 9 with the cloud,
but with both feet on the ground.

Cloud is hot, cloud is everywhere. It does not necessarily make cloud suitable for every organization just because it is trendy.


Cloud mythbusters

Als je rechtvaardiging voor de cloud migratie simpelweg gebaseerd is op het weghalen van de workload uit je datacenter, denk er dan nogmaals over na. Realiseer je: de uitspraak “geen beheer meer” bij migratie naar de cloud is nonsens.

In the cloud, roles change, other skills sets are requested, but management (operations) will always be there.

Before you go to the cloud, determine in advance through a consistent framework the true value of a migration to the cloud for your organization and investigate which cloud flavor suits you best.

Think before you begin

The cloud market is exploding. 95% of organizations are experimenting with the cloud or already have a set of applications active on a cloud platform. In addition, there are numerous software suppliers who by definition want to migrate their customers to software-as-a-service (SAAS) solutions.

CIOs are calling for 'cloud-first' strategies to be structural and often blindly adopt all digital transformation initiatives.

More than one truth

Organizations that have succeeded in successfully integrating the cloud have one thing in common: they evaluate and map their current work areas based on the specific characteristics of the cloud. This is to ensure that they use the right cloud version for the right situation.

Because there is more than one cloud.

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