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newITera offers scalable IT environments in the cloud. Always tailor-made. In short: the provision of computing services such as servers, storage space, databases, network functions, software, analysis functions, security and much more.


With newITtera hosting you rent an IT infrastructure based on payment per use, so a lot for little (as the Dutch would say).

newITera hosting is a cloud platform that can be used as a foundation to develop your own, customer-specific IT services. This platform is fully managed by newITtera and offers the availability you require. This way we relieve you of the design and management of your basic IT infrastructure.


The flexibility is high in the cloud, we can make adjustments quickly and easily. This is based on the current needs. Creating or removing servers, extra storage and more computing capacity are among our standard services.

Better safe than sorry

newITera is also responsible for information security. This applies to the hardware, software and other electronic data (data) hosted by NewITera, the ownership of which lies entirely with your organization.

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