Barcelona 8-10 oktober

Visiting the SAP TechEd is always a multi-faceted experience. It already starts at Schiphol where you and your colleagues discuss your expectations for this year, while enjoying a beer.

This soon turns into the collection of hilarious anecdotes from previous years. Since we are certainly not the only ones going, it is from that moment until the return flight also a sort of reunion of old colleagues and customers, whereby new networks are tapped into immediately.

It is certainly instructive, but also very fun and very tiring.

For three days you try to follow an as-filled as possible diary of sessions in your specific field and interest with in-between, if you are lucky enough time for a lunch, but often only a quick snack succeeds.

Fortunately, nowadays you no longer have to lug around with piles of printed sheets and practice exercises. You take notes in the app with every session you follow. These are desperately needed, because you are not alone for yourself. Within a few weeks you will start sharing the most important information through presentations and workshops with your NewITera colleagues who were not present this year.

This year everything is focused on the "cloud". Everything goes to the cloud whether you want it or not.

You have to pay attention, because almost all developments relate to S4Hana, in the cloud of course! A single session deals with on-premise systems, but you can also extend those from, indeed, the cloud.

De feestavond op woensdag is zoals gebruikelijk weer aan het strand, verdeeld over 4 strandtenten. Om daar ook in de wolken te geraken, is helaas niet gelukt, hoewel enkele deelnemers die avond een heel eind kwamen 🙂

The weather in Barcelona is great, as you might expect, but on Wednesday evening we are still surprised by a shower (yet again that cloud ;-). Between sessions it is wonderful to catch the sun now and then.

In short, all in all it was well taken care of again this year. The quality of the sessions varied as usual, so I did not serve a single session this year either.

Fortunately, there is always an interesting session on the exhibition floor. The advantage there is that you can also score a nice gadget en passant. This year I will take two T-shirts and a wireless charger with me.

All i need now is a new cordless rechargeable phone ;-).

Hans van der Kooij

Development Consultant