Because nothing can drop the relay baton

You know the term API. Often you have a feeling about it, but you don't know exactly what it is and what it does. Bit of a clock clapper story. Rest assured: newITera is your API clock and clapper.


Stands for Application Programming Interface and ensures communication between different systems and information sharing. A Web API takes care of web service communication between and within different business applications.

Different needs play a role within an organization:

Applications must be developed faster and be easy to maintain. Users want to have applications delivered faster and faster. That often means a lot of pressure on your IT department to be able to meet all application questions;
Applications must be flexible and able to respond quickly to changing wishes from the organization or end user;
Applications must be able to bundle data from different source systems in order to provide an integral picture of a specific process.

Reusable, flexible, fast and consistent.

Web APIs enable a development team to reuse existing code and functionality. This ensures that development can take place faster. In addition, a development team with a web API retains the flexibility to make adjustments quickly and properly.

However, the greatest strength in the use of web APIs is that data can be exchanged in a uniform manner between different systems.

In addition to the above advantages, the following operational benefits of API management are:

Standard features with regard to security and internet traffic are often used. This prevents a solution from having to be programmed for this;
It offers the development team a platform where the developed services can be made available to other systems;
Better analyzes can be made of the use of specific services.

Goed API-management helpt je organisatie op diverse fronten.

Are you a CIO who is looking for a way to improve quality and development capacity within your organization? Or are you a manager of a development department who wants to understand the best practices regarding API development? Or are you a test manager who has a test approach for APIs on his action list?

newITera helps you with all your questions in the field of API management. Our development consultants have extensive experience in developing web APIs. Of course they also know how to make these APIs best available on an API platform. In the SAP area, they can also help you further with the tooling that is available within the SAP cloud platform around API management.