About Us

The experience of our staff is largely gained in the field of SAP. This experience is gained during intensive consultancy services at large national and multinational organizations.

Mission and vision

Newitera strives to make her contribution, in whatever way possible, to handover this world in a responsible manner to our children. Therefore we try to be the best and the most reliable management consultancy organization in the field of information technology for EAM and the SAP solution in particular. In this way we can offer our customers maximum added value and are we for our employees the best possible employer.

In a world full of movements (in-memory databases, cloud and mobile applications) and at the same time full of uncertainties, it is not easy for companies to identify and implement the right IT strategy. What is evident is that the expectations of information technology that it should be reliable, fast, flexible and cost-effective (direct ROI).

Although quick “fixes” seem attractive, it is important that a robust architecture is not overseen and this is in fact the foundation of the company.

From this point of view Newitera helps in developing and/or implementing modern solutions, which are completely integrated with your “back- bone” systems. Only then can IT play the role that we can expect from her resulting in a better competitive position for the organization.

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