About Us

The experience of our staff is largely gained in the field of SAP. This experience is gained during intensive consultancy services at large national and multinational organizations.

Company profile

Daily changes challenge organizations with an increasingly greater impact. Many organizations face the challenge on how they can integrate their automated business processes to adapt to these changes and perform better afterwards. The reality of today is that the business is completely intertwined with technology and business processes can only be adjusted in the rate at which the technology develops. Organizations that take this into account when designing their IT environment architecture, can quickly adapt their business processes and reduce the cost of these adjustments.

To cope with the above challenge Newitera operates at the intersection of IT and organization. Innovative information technology is used to unlock information for the organizations and  their employees, customers, suppliers and the rest of the world.

Newitera offers:

  • Hosting, management and maintenance
  • Infrastructure
  • Architecture
  • Application Development
  • Integration
  • Implementation
  • Process optimization
  • Project management
  • Change and interim management
  • Advice
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