Lately we see that developments in the CRM area going quicker and quicker.

Not long ago we all spoke about Customer Experience and now already the NextGenCRM is there: Connected Experience: Connecting customers, agents, and the organization all together.

Bring all your customer contacts (interactions), knowledge, and work processes into one NextGenCRM platform.

The deeper meaning of the word “connected” goes beyond connecting digital with physical; we are connecting people.

Interactions: Uniform customer contacts over all channels and touchpoints for customer engagement

A full omnichannel, Artificial Intelligence driven contact center with support of voice, e-mail, bots, video, mobile, SMS, social media and Webshop. Connect your customer via every channel and personalize the customer experience. Agents can work independently or in connection with the customer seamlessly switching between all channels.

Give your customer always the right information at the right time. The customer has always direct access to his interactions including direct access to a live agent when needed. This can be done with self-service scenarios including interactive voice response (IVR) and voice applications, virtual agents, knowledge bases for customers but also for agents and mobile support.

With technologies like Artificial Intelligence (AI) and machine learning the improvement of customer experience and lowering the costs of a contact center can be achieved. AI driven processes which support agent interactions and virtual selling scenarios also automates repetitive and most common processes. This turns agents into more focused agents and agents can add value to customers also in complex processes and problems.

Knowledge: Connected data and integrate all data into one place

Integrate all your customer data into one place from all different sources. In the Unified agent desktop (360-degree view), all relevant information is visible for the agents when interacting with customers. The result will be that customers will get a personalized experience and customer journey coming from knowledge databases and using self-service scenarios.

Work processes: Automate and accelerate work processes in the whole organization

Increase the efficiency of agents and their work processes by continuous analysis of work processes with process mining. Process mining can give you insights in inefficient work processes or work processes which have a lot of errors or have a lot of friction or waiting times. Gain knowledge of your work processes and improve these continuously.