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SAP Gateway is necessary for SAPUI5 applications?


In most of the presentations on SAPUI5 SAP Gateway is positioned as the way to communicate with, or among other SAP backend systems.
The strength of SAP Gateway is the use the OData protocol.

Every SAPUI5 application can work with some standard models, including OData and JSON. With the Odata protocol, it is possible to make associations between different entities in a data service.
Consider, for example a sales order and the positions are included. Both will be a separate entity in the service, but by establishing an association between the order entity and the entity positions, it becomes possible to order from one with the aid of a navigation link easy to determine the corresponding positions. In addition, the OData protocol takes some of the security of the communication on its behalf.

If there is a lot of interaction between different data entities and the service instance must also be available outside their own (corporate) network, it makes sense and perhaps also the most sense to use SAP Gateway with the corresponding OData protocol .


Is SAP Gateway necessary in all cases? For example, think of one of the following scenarios:
• There is no access to an SAP Gateway server and / or your existing SAP backend system will need an upgrade to be able to put it to work and / or
• There is a simple overview that navigation is unnecessary and / or
• The application is used only within their own (business) network and does not need the possibility of being accessed outside of this network.
In the above scenario, the benefits of OData are ruled out and it makes sense to look at other options. In the case of JSON the SAP backend system (assumed that the correct version is available) has some tools available to handle this communication itself.
JSON is relatively easy to use format. Clearly legible SAPUI5 is a library to create a JSON model and additionally functionality in the SAP backend is available, for example, a table to put in JSON format.


To handle such a request from a SAPUI5 application and a response in JSON format to return, there may be an own processing class. In this processing class can then be determined what is being done to sort the request with an HTTP (S). The class can in principle handle multiple types of requests. On the basis of the request, the required data is collected and returned in JSON format.
Click here to see in detail what is needed to realize such communication.
There is thus an application that is only used internally and in which the data model is simple and without navigational data between different entities, then the solution as outlined above is a suitable alternative to the use of SAP Gateway.

October 23, 2014

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