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DUO operational with PPM


Newitera implementation partner of Education Implementation for SAP Portfolio and Project Management (PPM)
Last quarter DUO went live with SAP PPM to support the entire process of ordering outcome for the project portfolio.
After a thorough business case is prepared formed a project in the spring of 2013, with Newitera and external implementation partner is engaged.
Eric Jan Peters, Project Manager DUO:
“After a market survey showed Newitera specialists in SAP PPM area we were looking to have at home. Besides the necessary knowledge, there was also a good click on the project approach. Therefore, we have decided to award Newitera this implementation. ”
After the blueprint phase has started in summer 2013 with the construction of the system and after an extensive testing and training program, which is supervised by Newitera there in December began the migration of legacy data. On January 1, 2014 were approximately 1,000 employees answer time on projects in SAP PPM. Then there’s worked hard on the provision of information, so that all parties can benefit involved in the projects of the unequivocal information captured in SAP PPM!

Eric Jan Peters, Project Manager DUO:
“One of the most important things in the business case was simple recording and multiple use of data, and for all players in the chain of command results. With SAP PPM, we have certainly laid the groundwork for that. ”

SAP PPM module from SAP that integrates seamlessly with SAP FI / CO, HR, PS and MM / SRM. SAP PPM facilitates the selection of projects (the right projects do) and supports the export of these projects (doing the project right!).
About Newitera
Newitera, SAP specialist in Enterprise Asset Management, PPM has a specific expertise and focus area. Newitera (founded in 2011) is an SAP consulting company with more than 70 senior technical and functional consultants. She specializes in early Adopting the SAP (platform) strategy followed by the development and sales of standard solutions to provide the highest possible value to its customers. It has offices in Beuningen Best and ‘s-Hertogenbosch. Newitera specializes in EAM solutions while working closely with SAP. With its unique blend of specialty Newitera is particularly positioned to distill from many different sources of data (big data) information, the impact on the customer’s Assets.
About DUO
DUO is the executive agency of the government for education. DUO finances and informs participants in education and educational institutions and organize examinations. Thus does DUO good education possible. The Education Executive Agency (DUO) performs as a benefit and expenses on behalf of the Minister of Education, Culture and Science (OCW) education laws and regulations from. Commissioned by the Ministry of the Interior and Kingdom Relations supports DUO municipalities in the implementation of the Integration Act.

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DUO operational with PPM | SAP Consultancy