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HAI*QPM door Newitera in de Fujitsu cloud


The Netherlands, November 2012 – Today HAI announced the availability of the HAI*QPM manufacturing software in the Fujitsu Cloud. Securely brought to by Newitera delivered out of the Fujitsu Cloud, HAI*QPM is available from anywhere at any time for its customers around the globe. As a global SAP partner with an impressive cloud track record, Fujitsu is in a position to meet and exceed the required high service levels of HAI*QPM customers: a rock-solid foundation for the real-time HAI*QPM plant software.

The HAI*QPM software is used to collect manufacturing and quality data, and includes a wide range of production and quality reports, powerful performance metrics and statistics. This enables customers to dramatically improve their plant- & quality information needed for plant optimisation and cost reduction.

Cloud computing
HAI*QPM is a true cloud solution, developed on the SAP Netweaver Java platform. HAI*QPM is sourced in the Fujitsu Cloud and allows customers to share infrastructure and database to gain costs and performance advantages. A key advantage to this cloud solution is that  all data is centralized and accessible over the web from any place at any time, and its use can be extended easily to other production facilities. It promises instant cost savings and greater flexibility, and in addition, companies avoid the headache of setting up new IT resources and maintaining them.

HAI*QPM international ambitions
The Fujitsu Global Cloud Platform is hosted in data centers in Singapore, Australia, Japan, Germany, the UK and the USA. “Fujitsu’s global presence makes it a perfect partner for HAI to support our international ambitions with HAI*QPM” comments Peter de Haer, CEO of HAI. In addition, HAI*QPM being a SAP Netweaver application, fits perfectly in Fujitsu’s SAP activities as a global SAP partner.

Fujitsu: an award winning platform
Fujitsu has created some of the world’s largest and most advanced cloud environments. Over the past decade, Fujitsu has created the industry’s broadest portfolio of cloud solutions and services that underpin its vision of how cloud will transform business and society, both today and in the future. The company is investing heavily in cloud-based development on a global scale. These investments are bearing fruit in the form of industry recognition and awards (a.o. the IT Innovation Award at Cebit 2012, the European Software Excellence Award 2012, “Best in Cloud” award from the IT magazine Computerwoche). One of HAI’s customers presented its use of HAI*QPM in the Fujitsu Cloud during the November 2012 Fujitsu Conference in Munich (Germany).

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HAI*QPM door Newitera in de Fujitsu cloud | SAP Consultancy